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Writing a process analysis essay is a process of writing series of events of an activity. A process analysis essay explains a series of events of a specific activity. The process analysis essays are written in orderly manner so that the readers can easily understand every step of process. Process analysis essay must lead to the specific result. To write a process analysis essay, you need to understand every step concerned with a process, and to know how they related to one another and how they direct to the end result.

Have confidence in Your Reports For Your King Essays In Specialist

After you open your essay and make your thesis, you are going to construct your body paragraphs. To make this easy, use each paragraph to provide evidence or supportive material for your thesis. Each paragraph should make its own point. For example, you could open each paragraph with a supportive statement to strengthen your thesis and then further information to back up your supportive material. Just remember, throughout the essay maintain control of a narrow focus. Narrow topics are best.

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Your Psychology essay will not have its complete strength without a solid conclusion. You need to make sure that your essay states finally what you have managed to prove. To do this in your Psychology essay, you need to remind your readers about the main points. After this, you should briefly review your evidence. Your last step should be a clear statement that supports your arguments.

If you want every sentence to be perfect as soon as you’ve written it, or you fret that your grasp of apostrophes isn’t all it could be, you will probably agonize over every word so much that the flow will soon dry 1000 word essay up. Right now, you need to get the words down. The editing stage can come later. And if there really is room for improvement, maybe you could start teaching yourself grammar, spelling and syntax in your spare time.

We love essays that are tightly-structured for one reason: they make the work of writing easier. Instead of spending hours on trying different stuff out, you can just fit your notes into your paragraph arrangements and be done.

It has the responsibility of further enticing and making people anticipate to read the rest of the 1000 word essay example. Since it includes the thesis statement which aims to clarify the argument or main idea of the whole paper, it has to leave the audience asking for more to read on the said topic chosen by the writer.

On boot up your PC’s power 1000 word essay pages supply will send power in differing levels of voltage to all of the components motherboard central processing unit disk drives etc The power supply has to be exactly right or some of the components won’t be allowed to start up so the quality of the power signal is monitored from the get-go.

Gather as much information as possible. Although you’re allowed to present your opinion about your topic on your essay, it’s important that you back them up with reliable data. So, before you start writing, gather as much information as possible. Check out relevant resources from a local library and use the internet when needed. Interview experts if you must and conduct surveys. The more information you gather, the better your chances of effectively presenting your arguments; the higher your chances of making your essay more convincing.

You are also completely right, I’m totally unfair in lumping all churches into one big bucket. Each one is unique and expresses its calling in a different way and in a different context. I do so because I am working from an either/or basis with the goal of inspiring people to action. There are a lot of facets I cannot bring into an 800 1000 word essay example. My goal is to inspire conversations like we are having right now (but never to offend.I’m truly sorry if I did so).

The repetition of these few words combined with my interpretation of the rest of the lyrics tears at my heart as much today as it did the first time I heard the song more than two years ago.

Build habits-Establishing routines is a very IMPORTANT concept in maintaining lasting organization. Going to the grocery store the same day every week, or returning calls between 3-4 PM every afternoon can save a lot of time and prevent physical and mental clutter.

10 Strategies of Writing Higher education Essays

Suppose your record professor designates a research dimensions on distinguished WW2 combats. Citing information you gather any time you research and citing it correctly is going to be imperative as a college student. Nonetheless most students come to an agreement that articles are their largest weakness.

The Purdue OWL, and our very own writer support section great, all-in-one helpful in-text citation as well as setting up a reference webpage. A word to the wise supports if a piece of information really isn’t commonly best-known, cite this so that the risk of plagiarism is normally eliminated. You can also use figures to begin an intro. The ideas air flow more easily whenever know slightly about your area.

Within this blogging, we’ll examine how to creatively write men and women ideas in writing. It’s always a great idea to put ideas on paper, then let a buddy look over all of them. Find a ranked list of very helpful tools the following. Continue reading 10 Strategies of Writing Higher education Essays

A Procrastinator’s Guide to Go Writing as well as the Services Offered

A Procrastinator’s Guide to Go Writing as well as the Services Offered

Most of us have already been through it: an article is due in some hours and you have not even started to start posting your primary draft. Precisely what you intended to? As a master in essay writing services, i will be here to assist you to answer the fact that question by providing you which has a thorough guideline.

This is the new ideas for essay publishing you need should you be a procrastinator— a person who includes off doing work until the last possible little. This guide just isn’t going to help you give up procrastinating. Rather, this guide are going to assume you are a procrastinator, and it will try and help you then.

Running low on time If you are a procrastinator, then you’re here likely forever in a rush to get your work done on time.

This post covers the following aspects:

  • Bringing stock of where you are
  • Tricks for quick study
  • How to write without an description
  • Tools to obtain editing
  • Browsing assistance with composition writing services

By the end of this guide, you will feel assured in your power to get decent essay publishing done even though you are a procrastinator. Continue reading A Procrastinator’s Guide to Go Writing as well as the Services Offered

Scholarship Essay or dissertation Tips and Tricks

Scholarship Essay or dissertation Tips and Tricks

Just about every student sees that paying for the college is super grueling, especially in the USA. What can preserve the situation is applying for your scholarship. However , it’s a very competitive process, as only a small portion of the applicants find the desired packages. Apart from filling in various applications, you need to create a truly exceptional essay. The latter must demonstrate to that you are excited, qualified, and exceptionally worthy of the economical support. Under is each of our how to grant essay lead that you can seek advice from when manufacturing a powerful standard.

What Is Scholarship Essay?

Before beginning our article, let us try to understand, you wrote a scholarship article is and what endeavors it pursues. So , this type of an dissertation is a story that you create in order to show that you are licensed for college financial assist. Continue reading Scholarship Essay or dissertation Tips and Tricks

Audio-Visual Demo Ideas for Students: Delight suitable for the View and Ears

Audio-Visual Demo Ideas for Students: Delight suitable for the View and Ears

At some point, during the collegiate job, students could be required to make an academic powerpoint presentation for different category projects. In case you are given this process, your ultimate goal should be to deliver specific information for the audience within an exciting technique to grab all their attention. You must do your best to earn a great effect on your viewer and ensure that they may retain all the information you presented to these people. That is not easy, and it goes without saying that a great PowerPoint slideshow can’t be developed in a few moments. Need one or two advice on steps to make your visualization unique and engage your audience?

Keep reading this information to learn a few effective techniques for preparing and delivering exciting presentations in a college or perhaps grad college. Continue reading Audio-Visual Demo Ideas for Students: Delight suitable for the View and Ears

Get to Know Rules to Make Needed Formatting Types in Writing

Get to Know Rules to Make Needed Formatting Types in Writing

For men, the Academic journal of Hot spots Psychology College students conducted a fascinating study from student’s tutorial manuscripts as regards to correct APA use. This appeared that at an typical 74% from young practitioners had selecting mistakes (no running mind or article numbers, indecently formatted mosaic, lack of search phrases, etc . ). This facts tells us that citation versions are a common problem for the majority from students. However is possible to sort it, and if an individual want to be amongst those 74%, read even more and adopt our counseling.

Brief Summary of MLA, APA, and CMS

These some types of formatting are the most widespread citation styles inside the academic community. And of course, everyone have their own specifications you will want to take into account.

Modern Words Association (MLA):

As well as applied when you have to write helpful papers within humanities (literature, linguistics, news media studies, and so forth ) or liberal disciplines. Continue reading Get to Know Rules to Make Needed Formatting Types in Writing

The Drug Abuse Essay: Do you need to Die Or To Live?

The Drug Abuse Essay: Do you need to Die Or To Live?

The drugs are around us all time. It does not matter which usually form as well as kind it has, the drug can destroy your body, the soul whilst your life. As well as most significant factor of this whole situation is the fact, the fact that the person is going to be addicted to this and it is very difficult to leave the following habit in the past. They can also know about the influence of one’s drugs, however they continue to use them. Because of it, they are inside the cage of this drugs.

By just looking at, that people build drugs caused by some problems or some situations, but it merely always in in this manner. There are a lot of other reasons why teens started to build drugs. If you wish to have the go on narcotic addiction, you can actually place the get on our site. We will include your comments and will also be satisfied with the outcome. Continue reading The Drug Abuse Essay: Do you need to Die Or To Live?

Homework Composition Help: Perfect Books Meant for Self-Development

Homework Composition Help: Perfect Books Meant for Self-Development

Here you are at the best internet site dedicated to made to order writing providers and newspaper editing companies. Our company insures all the clients to meet up with all their standards and needs. To have such results, we provide several services , high-quality creating skills, plagiarism-free papers in addition to delivery which has no delays . There is also a website with the set of our promises who want to guarantee that this is not a fake . We allow students all over the world and your paper might be another one most of us deal with. At this moment, you know the fact that best tailor-made term papers are only for Findwritingservice. com. Order these days!

Some of our homework coursework help workforce made this directory the perfect novels for self-development.

Books for self-development

Continue reading Homework Composition Help: Perfect Books Meant for Self-Development

Phone Track Reviews-Top Five Samsung Traffic Monitoring Software For Cellphone And Capsule

For occasion, GPS and triangulation or GPS and SIM know-how could be applied to discover the phone’s area, if one or extra of the methods fall short for any reason.

Terrain and other road blocks are common motives to use a hybrid strategy. iFi may well also be employed to keep track of the locale of a cell cellphone. To use this process, application will be made use of to cause the cell phone to join to the nearest WiFi signal. This strategy may perhaps be applied but is hugely unpredictable. Given that WiFi is not connected with a static IP tackle, see top rated help best spyware for iphone leading tracking in addition to spying functions it is tricky to establish the exact area of the mobile cell phone.

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In some circumstances, the cellular telephone has been identified one hundred miles away from the phone. This is simply because of shared IP addresses.

Spy Cell Phone

A static IP address may well be situated with incredible accuracy. obile phone end users should decide their goal for downloading or utilizing a cellular cellular phone tracker. Buyers that simply want to track the mobile phone itself might find quite a few totally free purposes on the internet, this kind of as Google Latitude, iLocali, MobiWee and Glympse. Customers that want access to other details on the telephone this kind of as cell mobile phone logs, text messages, data files and other details may demand an software this sort of as SpyBubble. Some of the totally free mobile mobile phone trackers will also provide some of this data to the owner and other individuals. sers that do not have obtain to the cellular telephone they want to obtain remotely could call a third social gathering corporation, these types of as Telenav or Trak LITE.

Spy Phone App

Providers may well use this company to keep track of their company’s phones. Mobile phone monitoring is a straightforward system that does not demand highly developed complex competencies to use. obile cell phone tracker program can assistance people that require to monitor phones for a range of causes. For occasion, a individual may perhaps want to track cellular phones to find their household members, youngsters, spouses or staff members. This computer software can show to be practical to several people today as prolonged as the computer software is used in a consensual fashion. any of the cell telephone tracker mobile phone program is cost-free or a nominal fee.

The applications may possibly be located on the web by software merchants or other third bash web sites.

Some of the most well known cell phone tracker computer software is stated down below:oogle Latitude Cell Phone Tracker Software program:oogle Latitude is a free of charge software that will work in conjunction with some cell phones. To ascertain if the cellular phone will get the job done with the user’s mobile phone only log on to Google’s web site underneath the Latitude to confirm compatibility. A Gmail account will also be needed to put in the software. The software will make it possible for you to keep track of mates and for them to keep track of you as nicely. Mates and family can be additional by way of your get in touch with lists. People that lose their phones could observe their cellular phones from their friend’s telephone or from a website site. lympse Cellular Cell phone Tracker Software package:his mobile cellular phone tracker is provided complimentary to buyers on line.

Users need to basically indicator up for a no cost account and down load it on the mobile telephone that they wish to monitor. Consumers may let many others to track their mobile phones by logging into their Glympse account from a remote computer system or by accessing the account from the phone’s World wide web browser. he process will automatically tell buddies and relatives of the user’s present-day spot or the operator can input a spot manually. Users may perhaps also log their estimated time of arrival at the inquiring party’s deal with. The present rate of journey based on the driver’s speed might also be tracked as effectively.

Does college in reality cause you to a great deal more outgoing?

Does college in reality cause you to a great deal more outgoing?

What do you worth most regarding your college education? What do you imagine you are paying out for when your tuition expenses depart your banking account?

The training you get, most likely? Proximity to ideal investigation? The chance to be supervised by many of the best minds in your own industry? All this is very important stuff, naturally. But when they are the initial things that spring to intellect you could be not be shelling out ample recognition to university’s a lot less tangible features.

According to some new research printed in Oxford Financial Papers and reported in Days Larger, college everyday living has an enormous boost to intangible social techniques as well. These techniques may perhaps be much much more tricky to quantify in comparison to the modules you took or your degree classification. Nevertheless the review finds that they are among a very powerful things a university provides.

What social ability does college raise, and just how do the researchers know?

The workforce guiding the groundwork tracked the effects of college education on personality attributes in 5 critical spots:

  • emotional balance;
  • openness to expertise;
  • conscientiousness;
  • extroversion; and
  • agreeableness.

It observed a major correlation among a university education and both of those the extroversion and agreeableness traits. Strikingly, the outcome appears being cumulative. The more time you attend university, the more agreeable and extroverted you end up!

The researchers utilised data from the longitudinal Australian analyze, Family, Revenue and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA), a survey that tracks high school leavers from throughout the social spectrum, by means of Bigger Training and into do the job and adulthood. The analyze can be a significant deal considering it truly is assumed to provide the 1st empirical evidence that college added benefits non-cognitive skill-sets additionally towards knowledge it is really explicitly made to train.

Is an Australian research applicable to Better Training inside British isles, and what does it inform us?

There are many similarities somewhere between the upper Education and learning sectors in Australia along with the United kingdom, but some dissimilarities way too. Precisely the same applies to the broader demographics addressed via the research. But even though several of the variables would quite likely arrive out otherwise if the review were operate with the Uk, the traits it identifies are very likely to always be similarly applicable right here way too.

The review is not going to distinguish any individual attribute of the curriculum as liable for the uptick in social skills. The analyze observed no correlation somewhere between any explicit discipline and higher agreeableness and introversion. The concept? What you analyze doesn’t make considerably difference. It is purely simply being at university that counts.

Campus life exposes college students to a wider selection of cultural groups and perspectives than they’d usually come across. It will allow them to communicate with assorted teams of people and participate in a broad variety of pursuits that they would not or else be exposed to. And these pursuits aren’t just educational. Believe of the clubs and extra-curriculars a university student engages in in excess of the study course of their diploma.

Compare and contrast essays might possibly be absolutely basic to write down due to the fact they allow you to show many of the things which you already know about two gatherings, matters, pieces of literature, and so on. However the actual concern is, if compare and distinction essays are really easy, why do lots of pupils wrestle with crafting useful ones? The solution seems to mostly lie in very poor formatting and organisation with the details, along with the inclusion of far too significantly descriptive content. In such a publish, we’re intending to emphasize a few of the advantageous tactics you could possibly employ when crafting the best examine and contrast essay.

The highest quality location to initiate…

We would endorse you start out with your comprehension and planning. Being a writer, you will need to have got a program for just where you are looking for to begin. Commence with a brainstorm or thoughts map even if you are crafting a timed essay beneath test ailments. An essay that is certainly nicely organised shall be a little more seemingly to convince the reader that you realistically determine what you may be discussing in the event you be able best speech writers to write. When you are organising your thoughts, keep in mind the measure up and distinction sections would not have to always be of equivalent lengths. Having said that, you cannot use a total essay of only comparisons, as this may not meet up with the essay requirements. See if you can still brainstorm two or three comparisons and two or a few contrasts. For every of these factors, find out if you could highlight some examples within the primary will work around the brainstorm, this may make the crafting routine much easier when you get started.

Inevitably, there are forever likely to be some comparisons and contrasts that you choose to feel really are in fact formidable as well as other connections which exist, but are, maybe, weaker arguments. You happen to be probably superior to stick while using strongest arguments, however, if you’re having difficulties to acquire about the phrase count so you really need to incorporate these weaker arguments, then be sure you embed them someplace in the course of your paper where exactly there’re surrounded from the sturdy arguments.

Structuring your essay

Continuing to debate the organisation of the check and distinction essay, you can get two approaches you may tactic the essay. You’ll either create the very first half as being a comparison (or, arguably the distinction) and to the next 50 %, grant a changeover sentence and then take a look at contrast (or comparison). The strengths of this form of technique necessarily mean that you can totally focus on producing sharp statements by using evidence from both pieces of literature. You may be primarily doing one particular unbelievably strong argument in the starting, telling your reader – ‘look, these pieces of labor have a ton in prevalent.’ You then direct your reader on a journey, which then lets them to look at that whereas the 2 functions are similar, there’re not automatically precisely the same, therefore the need for your contrast.

As you’ll have listened to frequently, you will discover a great number of methods of craft an essay. A new process you may hire is always to number one publish the examine paragraph, then you could use it up with a particular on distinction. This can be a very practical strategy when you find yourself arguing for an individual unique concept exactly where components of your concept are identical relating to the 2 operates, but differ in other sectors. Utilizing this approach also avoids repetition and keeps the reader centered on anything concept that you’re seeking to encourage them of.

While the framework of the evaluate and distinction essay is critical, so far too often is the construction. On this form of essay, you happen to be however attempting to find potent topic sentences that convey the which means on the paragraph to your reader. Nevertheless unlike a traditional paragraph that may use up the topic sentence with a person in fact helpful instance, inside of a examine and contrast essay, you may be in most cases looking for two examples which could display the comparison (or distinction). A particular large obstacle using this is usually that the paragraphs could get absolutely lengthy. Make certain that if you’re crafting, you’re able to keep your paragraphs under an individual website page (typed, double spaced) or at about 250 words and phrases. Something for a longer time than it will just confuse and/or frustrate your reader.

Finally, you should also take into account what the conclusion of a check and contrast essay seems like. You possess most likely ended your whole body paragraph sections using a contrast of some sort and so are leaving the reader because of the imagined within their head that these two stuff you are comparing don’t seem to be especially related. Its primary during the summary to remind the reader that actually, you’ve gotten shown similarities likewise as discrepancies between the items of literature. Though not introducing any new tips, the purpose within your summary may be to remind the reader in the significant information and of your respective strongest argument. You certainly will have produced a thesis assertion in the beginning of one’s paper, so in this article with the conclusion you’re demonstrating the thesis you in the beginning proposed appears to have been satisfied.

Compare and contrast essays is generally pleasurable for any great deal of arguments, predominantly because you obtain to show simply how much you understand a few selected matter. Bear in mind it is always necessary to be organised while you function by means of your essay. The development of the define or simply a mind map is strongly inspired, even inside of a timed test. Provide you with proof wherever you require it and make sure that you simply tend not to overwhelm the reader with too many options. Finish which includes a summary that wraps up your argument in a very pleasant package deal, demonstrating on the reader that you not simply trust in your own arguments but which you can present apparent and rational points to assistance them.

Perhaps just about the most vital discovering with the active debates all over Increased Schooling relates to economic history. The study seen that college students from underprivileged backgrounds start out out with far decreased measurements for extroversion and agreeableness than their a little more privileged counterparts. But in excess of the study course of a college diploma, these college students go through a a whole lot steeper raise in these ability and capture up immediately.

This will undoubtedly be music with the ears of those that counsel as plenty of people as is possible preferably should head to college. And its a strong argument in opposition to options that a lot of people young and old are by now planning to college and we need to cap university student quantities.

Advocates of university schooling have very long claimed the advantages of taking a degree increase further than syllabus content. Though the intangible benefits most often talked about are such things as ‘critical thinking’, which might be still intellectual in character. The new examine differs in providing up proof that just speaking with varied families, hanging out on campus and suffering from the richness of scholar daily life is more than simply a fun time. By growing your social skill-sets in measurable solutions it provides the very best probable preparing for perform and living!

How to get the most out of your dissertation supervisor

How to get the most out of your dissertation supervisor

Working with a supervisor on your own analysis project at dissertation stage promotions an exceptionally differing association through the student-tutor relationship you will be a good deal more used to plus more snug with. It is a romantic relationship that needs clarity and comprehending, but which can develop (and problem!) the two your academic and interpersonal ability. Listed here are some recommendations on having essentially the most outside of your connection with your dissertation supervisor.

Choosing the appropriate supervisor

If you are an undergraduate (and perhaps even a Master’s college student) perhaps you may come across that your supervisor is selected for you, determined by a broad match with your dissertation subject. Continue reading How to get the most out of your dissertation supervisor

Precisely what is an essay referencing platform?

Precisely what is an essay referencing platform?

When composing any part of composed educational tasks whether it is an essay, dissertation or analyze it is advisable to hire a distinct essay referencing solution. There are specific options by which you might attempt this, nevertheless the personal preference might be produced for you: some periodicals state how their purpose would have to be accepted, and even some colleges or faculties designate which device individuals is required to use. Having said that, it can nevertheless be helpful to involve some understanding of all principal essay referencing technologies. Continue reading Precisely what is an essay referencing platform?

So what do you do in the meantime? Should you have or are just about to surface – a PhD, chances are you’re undoubtedly cognizant of the kind of do the trick that’s accessible to you

With valid reason, deal educating projects are considered as the least famous most precarious mode of scholastic a job ready to accept new PhDs. A small-word lectureship will usually lead to a extended location, also just as one extension the exact same commitment or on a completely different organization.

Your talent as a good researcher, publisher and coach are simply like in-high demand out of doors academia as around, and there needs to be no a sense of problem or disappointment if you decide to carry on one of the numerous other enjoyable line of work prospects your PhD has made available in your case! Continue reading So what do you do in the meantime? Should you have or are just about to surface – a PhD, chances are you’re undoubtedly cognizant of the kind of do the trick that’s accessible to you

How does one craft a dissertation literature professional review?

How does one craft a dissertation literature professional review?

As the next area of this weblog is quite lengthy, we have damaged it down into various fundamental ways which will need to allow it to be much easier to follow when producing your own private dissertation literature report. You begin by figuring out your sources, then you check out and re-read them. Upcoming, you concentrate on any gaps inside examine or literature you’ve made use of, and eventually, you be able to write your report implementing all of the planning and information gathered with the simple steps prior.

Identify sources

To write a superb dissertation literature analyze, you need to possess a good thought of what sources you would like to overview. Continue reading How does one craft a dissertation literature professional review?

A postgraduate dissertation, in contrast, could very well be predicted to generate a substantial contribution of high-quality, initial exploration to its field

A postgraduate dissertation, in contrast, could very well be predicted to generate a substantial contribution of high-quality, initial exploration to its field

The most popular postgraduate dissertations will be publishable by main journals, or even just as scholarly monographs. When you put together your vocation as an early job researcher, the affect within your dissertation on its field as measured by citations on the do the trick of other scholars will be important to improving your tutorial repute. It’s significant to keep in mind which the dissertation’s benefit to other scholars is not going to just be its conclusions or conclusions, and that your research’s rising significance with the industry will likely to be calculated from the selection of scholars who have interaction with it, not people who agree with it. Continue reading A postgraduate dissertation, in contrast, could very well be predicted to generate a substantial contribution of high-quality, initial exploration to its field

Yes, your university incorporates a library. Indeed, it is a brilliant destination to go when you are producing essays and wish obtain to a number of sources

Yes, your university incorporates a library. Indeed, it is a brilliant destination to go when you are producing essays and wish obtain to a number of sources

For a wide range of students, starting up university is just not only their earliest time living away from home. It’s also their number one time managing a shelling out price range in their possess without any benefit either administering it or with conventional top-ups within the “Bank of Mum and Dad”. Everything appears to expenditure considerably more cash flow than you assume in Freshers’ Week and also first couple months of phrase. From shopping for books and fundamental academic supplies to that club night time you just have to look at as a result of it truly is an unmissable possibility to socialise, you might comfortably pick your harmony with the purple within a matter of months. Continue reading Yes, your university incorporates a library. Indeed, it is a brilliant destination to go when you are producing essays and wish obtain to a number of sources

Compose An Essay That Shows That A Existence Will Make The University A Better Location

Compose An Essay That Shows That A Existence Will Make The University A Better Location

An amazing request essay gifts a dazzling, individual, and powerful view of you the admissions committee. It gives you you the ability to demonstrate your perception, attitude, ideal qualities, and commitments. In addition it means that you can show your posting and serious believing abilities.

Utilizing these outstanding suggestions you will assure that writing articles the school essay isn`t possibly the most hated element of the application endeavor whatsoever.

  1. Recover and arrange probable tips for your essay`s focal point. Continue reading Compose An Essay That Shows That A Existence Will Make The University A Better Location

Methods For Busting Into Free-lance Formulating

Methods For Busting Into Free-lance Formulating

If you’re looking to go into the free lance authoring current market, you can also find a great number of considerations before you take the jump. Just how do you get tasks? Wherever might you market your expertise? Tips on how to bill for all your deliver the results? Just how much are you able to make? Free lance crafting may very well be fulfilling and productive. Or, it might be difficult along with equivalent of slave labor. The difference within the two is the amount of groundwork you set towards your new profession. Continue reading Methods For Busting Into Free-lance Formulating

How to Write the greatest Category Essay

How to Write the greatest Category Essay

There are actually certain strategies that can help you write an extremely good essay, that include:

  • Opening great,
  • Using out a highlighter,
  • Condensing,
  • Preparing a need evaluation,
  • Simplifying your argument.

How to start giant?

Some men and women think it is very difficult to publish a brief essay at one time, and that’s why they prefer to write an extended essay and can include all that goes to their thought process. Subsequently, they begin cutting it straight down. When you purchase this outstanding methodology, do not forget that it could be important to delete some information and facts to slice your phrase depend. Continue reading How to Write the greatest Category Essay

Systematic ESSAY Overview: Attempt To Attempt YOUR Article writing For The Very high Observe

Systematic ESSAY Overview: Attempt To Attempt YOUR Article writing For The Very high Observe

The the introduction shows up previous. Thats generally once the thesis impression, the essay physical body whilst your realization. It may well seem to be illogical. Yet still, to generate a great beginning, you should consider the remainder parts of your essay initial. The goal of your analytic essay advantages must be to sum up your main case in line with the thesis impression. It has to help to your viewer to have a psychological chart of the your essay holds. Continue reading Systematic ESSAY Overview: Attempt To Attempt YOUR Article writing For The Very high Observe

What exactly is a Do the job-Everyday life Balance of a Learner? The tool of preference. Tips on how to determine the ideal educational establishment for you instructional institution for yourself

What exactly is a Do the job-Everyday life Balance of a Learner? The tool of preference. Tips on how Continue reading What exactly is a Do the job-Everyday life Balance of a Learner? The tool of preference. Tips on how to determine the ideal educational establishment for you instructional institution for yourself

Why then are you willing to have a problem with your scholastic documents whenever you are these?

Why then are you willing to have a problem with your scholastic documents whenever you are these?

The reason why as to the reasons each student will certainly seek out exclusive a dissertation freelance writer is always assure they get customized one-on-one curiosity. Doing this, the buyer up-dates the author on any remarks for the professor quickly. At the time you sequence, you certainly will notice that now we have handled our prices device make sure you choose the fairest deals out there.

Producing dissertations is still a place that people have for long periods overlooked the idea. Continue reading Why then are you willing to have a problem with your scholastic documents whenever you are these?

STUDENT’S Information Concerning How To Generate A Refractive ESSAY

STUDENT’S Information Concerning How To Generate A Refractive do my homework assignment ESSAY

Writing articles a refractive element is not any tricky project. Clearly, craft an summarize and stick to it to last part. Often, make sure you focus on our body segment and after that relocate to the launch, then and finally of the judgment. Be sure you hyperlink just about everything in your own intro after almost everything.

Prior to now coming up with the essay, we tremendously counsel you to decide a subject first of all. Coming up with a refractive report is just not very different than composing other sorts of essays say unique elements. The peculiar little bit is always this bit must really be a representation of yourself. Continue reading STUDENT’S Information Concerning How To Generate A Refractive ESSAY

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Мошенник, предатель родины и сектант Игорь Мазепа: вся правда про него

Мошенник, предатель родины и сектант Игорь Мазепа: вся правда про него

В нашей стране много мошенников, которые наживаются на других людях. Есть те, кто приближен к представителям власти. Один из таких людей – Игорь Мазепа.

Начало карьеры Игоря Мазепы

В средствах массовой информации очень часто фигурирует человек по имени Игорь Мазепа. Он любит рассуждать о мировой экономике, и давать свои советы. Его красноречивость многих впечатляла еще несколько лет назад, однако в последнее время ему все сложнее объяснить, по какой причине все его проекты завершаются провалом. Уже стало понятно, что Мазепа только создает видимость того, что он успешный предприниматель, но в действительности он настоящий мошенник, который создает множество преступных схем.

Карьера бизнесмена началась в 1997 году, когда он еще был студентом. Мазепу взяли на работу в российскую компанию «Prospect Investments», обладающую не самой лучшей репутацией. Данная организация дешево покупала акции предприятий, находящихся на грани банкротства. Какие задачи выполнял в этой компании Мазепа, неизвестно, но зарабатывал он там огромные денежные суммы.

В 2000 году он стал генеральным директором в организации «Foyil Securities New Europe», которая также занималась скупкой и продажей акций по заказу иностранных инвестиционных фондов.

В 2004 году Мазепа учредил свою компанию, которую назвал «Concorde Capital». Он сразу был в выгодном положении, поскольку фирма открывалась под уже разработанные проекты. В это время он начал увлекаться странными учениями – саентологией и онтопсихологией, которые ориентировались на достижение больших высот любой ценой.

Одна из крупных афер – финансовая пирамида Private FX

Игорь Мазепа и Павел Крымов – известные специалисты по созданию финансовых пирамид. Крымов сейчас находится в международном розыске, а Мазепа подозревается в разработке более 40 мошеннических схем, однако ему удается уходить от правосудия. Более одного миллиарда гривен ему удалось украсть, применяя свои махинации.

Игорь Мазепа обманул вкладчиков в 2015 году, это была его самая масштабная финансовая пирамида. Он выкупил компанию Крымова Forex Trend, и переименовал ее в Private FX. Мазепа обещал вернуть деньги обманутым вкладчикам, но в действительности преследовал свои личные интересы. Люди, доверившись предпринимателю, начали скидывать деньги на счет его компании. Собрав огромную денежную сумму, мошенник Игорь Мазепа обманул вкладчиков, сразу продал свою организацию, и ушел в тень. Обманутые люди до сих пор пытаются возвратить свои деньги, но им это не удается. По документам Мазепа не имеет никакого отношения к финансовой пирамиде Private FX, поэтому его не в чем обвинить.

Аферист Игорь Мазепа продолжает свою преступную деятельность. Чего дальше от него стоит ожидать, неизвестно. Он очень умен и хитер, ему всегда удается создавать новые теневые схемы, и спокойно уходить от правосудия. Мазепа находится под защитой вышестоящих органов, поэтому он ничего не боится.

Hello world!

Hello world!

A Poorer World Without Anthony Bourdain

Brutally honest. That was my first impression towards Mr. Bourdain. The first time I’ve seen him was on No Reservation reruns on Asia Food Channel circa 2016. It was a back to back episode and that was all it took him to color me interested. I googled him and happily found that my first impression wasn’t very far to what he was described by articles all over the interwebs. I became a fan immediately.

To be honest, looking back, it wasn’t much of a fanboying. I didn’t see him as much as I saw Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver. Or other celebrity chefs with fresh looks and cute gimmicks that naturally get a lot more screen time. I guess it’s partly because his low profile nature that wasn’t encouraging him to flaunt his celebrity status or his culinary prowess as a blatant habit. He simply was there as a person who passionately–or, according to him, enthusiastly– be.

I did not know Mr. Bourdain personally, but boy I wish I did, even though I’d probably die of humiliation by his witty remarks after the first encounter. He was dark and bitter. Yet it seemed to me that he had it figured out, this world. He had it in him the courage and the enthusiasm to do things many people won’t even consider. He lifted my horizon and showed me a great many things. A man with so much love to what he does, and gained much love for it. A man with so many to live for.

Death was swift and sure. None will ever escape her embrace. But his was cold and shocking. So unlike his clever tongue or his honest smile. His passing was rather a ripple of agony, finite for those who were touched by him, instead of a huge shock over the earth. Yet, on his years living upon the earth, he had left a mark that will touch the hearts of many others. And an emptiness no other person will ever fill.

“[When I die], I will decidedly not be regretting missed opportunities for a good time. My regrets will be more along the lines of a sad list of people hurt, people let down, assets wasted and advantages squandered.”

I hope you find peace, Sir. I hope you’d agree with me that this world is a beautiful place, some people are born to make it harder to live, but it is a beautiful place indeed. I had wished that one day I’d eat in one of the restaurants in your show and somehow seeing you there, sitting and eating normally. I don’t wish for small talk or acknowledgment, just seeing you eat and drink in the same place would be good enough for my bucket list. But the ship had sailed. So sail on, sail on, sailor.

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Widows and Orphans

The easy Sunday started out with a blast

Three, to be precise

Another body hit the floor

Another life went to ruin

All these are what we could expect

In a country with more pride than respect

Another set of candle burn

Another song to cope with mourn

Then a profile picture change

And then, same old ‘who’s to blame?’

The lives the tragedy claims

‘tween your daily posts and games

Then something else take their place

Easier to digest, softer to embrace

Then the dead be forgotten

The wrong, forgiven

Life goes on and on

‘cept for the widows and the orphans

hello world!

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What You Need to Know About Online Casinos

What You Need to Know About Online Casinos

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What You Need to Know About Online Casinos

What You Need to Know About Online Casinos

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Moving Out

It’s time to move on and switch to what really matters, isn’t it?

Hello world!

Toast and Unsalted Butter

I don’t know what makes me smile the wider:
The smell of a whole grain toast
Or the sound of butter knife scratching to its surface
And still can’t decide which makes me miss you more

We never really care that you’d prefer a white bread
Or that we toast our bread differently
Or that I’m having this for lunch
This is forever our favorite breakfast

In all these little extra strength
Spreading this frozen butter
In every bite, I smile to the memory of you
and the prospect of seeing you again soon

How are you, Dad?

I know you’re frowning right now, the way you did

I tried, Dad. I really do.


I dreamt about you once

You looked great

rough on the edges, the way you’ve always been

in a place I know you’d rather be


I wonder all the time, Dad

What would be if you were still around?

What would you say to me right now

What did I do wrong this time


I still have that yellow lego jeep you gave me

I smile every time i look at it

it’s dusty and i guess its missing some parts

i have never been good at keeping things


I still remember how you wake me in that early morning

to show me that orange helicopter you’ve built all night

I remember loving it so much

I don’t know where it went though


It was hard, after you left

we weren’t ready

I thought I was, but I was’t.

I’ll never will


You aren’t a good person, everyone knows that

and anyone who says otherwise does not know you like I do

but you are always pure at heart and that’s how I want to remember you

I love you Dad, and I know you loved me too


Are you with bro now?

do you guys see each other over there?

If you do tell him I say hi

I hope you both get along well, though


how many words did I speak to you, dad?

how many times did I offend you?

and that one time I didn’t say happy birthday to you but you said I did

I wish I could come back and hug you


You wanted to see me that one last day

I was there but I didn’t come

The thought of it was ‘the last one’ was so far off my head

I will resent that decision until the day I die


Once again, I love you

you made me who I am

you’re the only man that will ever have my eternal respect


Allahummaghfirlahu warhamhu wa’afihii wa’fu’anhu

Past Smiles

Time and time i caught a glimpse of my past

I can’t remember if it was a dream

or a childhood

previous live, who knows? 

what i remember though,
Is the scent of old dust on that whitewashed wall

and the sound of a hundred flapping birds
reaching in for a prospect of breadcrumbs 

I remember the wind
and the chatter of people now gone

and the smiles of friends that were

I remember waiting for someone to come 

it left me with a smile, every time

but the image wont stay long

and when i came back to where I was


i guess life is dark and dull

you realize that dreams and hopes are false advertising

while fears are real

and that bright-shining-future of your ten-year-old-self has flown away 

if you could, would you return?

walk back to 20 years past

find your childhood

and tell him not to grow up? 

oh, father time

all matters

are a mere sound of the wind

that blow as he pass by

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Sudah, api kini tinggal bara

diatasnya beterbangan debu nyala

dan nafas pun pelan terhela

karena bintang menolak bersua

Memang dulu, kukira dunia

yang kugenggam dalam sepi

namun saat tanganku terbuka

yang terlihat cuma mimpi

Debu-debu mimpi rapuh berkilauan

jatuh ke bumi, binasa di antara rerumputan

kilau yang tersisa di tangan

jadi teladan

Detak jantungnya cepat, dia 

Kelak lebam aku dilumatnya

Kepadanya kutitipkan nama yang perkasa

Biar tak perlu ia meminjam gemuruh halilintar

Kepadanya kuserahkan segala impi

Biar diraih segala ingin

Menatap dari sini nanti, di tepi kehidupan

Saat bara dan debu sama-sama padam

If borrowed experience and inherited wisdom puff me up with conceit and as such coax me to behave boastfully among others, let me suffer Thy torment drown me in discouragement and shamefulness.

I am but a man, proud and vain. This shift and skin that covers me conceal none of the filth within me, which my very mouth and fingers disdainfully gloat. O Lord, show me the light, for I am blinded with vanity. Only unto Thee, I take shelter from all the deceitfulness of the world.

Regrets and Outcomes

I never, ever, in my life time, consider myself as a good person. I mean good. Or kind. Like Forrest Gump kind of kind. Or like Steve Rogers, if he’s real. Like honest, gentle, caring, family man kind of good. No. Never.

To be frank, I am a bad person. I curse like a sailor. I treat people like they don’t matter much. I don’t know if there’s a single person I knew (heck, in the world) that I had never lied to. I raise my chin up high and I drive recklessly.

But you know, I never liked being a bad man. I hate the sense of guilt. I hate the aftertaste of doing bad things. I don’t enjoy being bad.

So I try to be good.

Turns out it’s the hardest thing to do. Why? because good is relative. And the things you’ve done in the past, how you look like, and the vibe that comes with your attitude, affect it’s value tremendously. Not to mention that all kind of people demand all kind of goodness. 

But I keep trying.

But you can never satisfy everyone. Classic. And the more people you try to make happy, the more of them disappoint.

I guess that’s what there is to live, though. I kind of sceptical on what the old men say: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” or “Good things come for those who waits” or any other kind of bullshit. You know what? Bad people win. They win plenty of fight against good, and there’s nothing you can do except convincing yourself that hell is real and it hath no fury. I mean, how often you see bad drivers who cut in traffic got pulled over by cops? or caught in an accident? How often did you see them run away while flipping you off instead?

I don’t live for the last laugh, though.

Happiness is a delicate thing. It is supposed to be earned, never given. For those who receive, will take it for granted.

But I’ll be good anyway.

Abattoir Agenda

I have to admit.

Some people are still alive simply because I allowed them to. Saved only by small voice inside my head that keeps telling me that 20 years in chains (or any pain in the effort) do not worth their worthless soul.

Nevertheless, I still consider that the world would be a better place if these pathetic excuse for people just cease to exist.

1. Money-sucking, respect-demanding pigs with made-up violation and justified bribery.

2. Drivers/riders whose life were saved just because I have enough pity (and a well-functioning brake-reflex-mechanism) on my disposal.

3. Violent, pretentious fanatics

4. Racist militants who don’t even belong to the race they so furiously corroborate.

5. Drug-dealers.

6. Machete-and-prescription-pills-nerve-amplified criminals.

7. Social media celebrities who never bother to think that “they could be wrong”, and spit whatever the fuck their miserable mind figure, regardless how hateful or damaging.

8. People who feed no. 7 with money and doctrine materials.

9. People who create the doctrine materials for no. 8

10. Teachers who don’t understand what they’re teaching.

11. Teachers who don’t understand what they’re teaching and say anything to avoid looking dumb in front of their pupils. Regardless said thing have any accuracy on being a fact or otherwise a made-up information.

12. Teachers who refuse to be corrected no matter what

13. Judges that derelict their duty.

14. People who had it arranged for no. 13.

15. People who knows about no. 13 and 14′s business and don’t do anything.

and the list goes on and on and on.

The world was made worse by some seriously fucked-up people.

I refuse to think that they deserve second chances.

I will forever resent them.

I will always be longing for the time they perish.

May they die a violent, shameful death with slow, painful process that last a lot longer than they can endure.

“We will fight a battle and then we’ll rest. Alive or dead, we’ll rest.”

“You want to lead, someday? Then learn to follow”

“… Valar Morghulis”

My relationship with my muse is a delicate one at the best of times and I feel that it is my duty to protect her from influences that may offend her fragile nature.

She comes to me with the gift of song and in return I treat her with the respect I feel she deserves — in this case this means not subjecting her to the indignities of judgement and competition. My muse is not a horse and I am in no horse race and if indeed she was, still I would not harness her to this tumbrel — this bloody cart of severed heads and glittering prizes. My muse may spook! May bolt! May abandon me completely!

~ Nick Cave

Aku Ingin Menjadi Batu di Dasar Kali

Aku ingin menjadi batu di dasar kali
Bebas dari pukulan angin dan keruntuhan
Sementara biar orang-orang bersibuk diri
Dalam desau rumput dan pohonan

Jangan aku memandang keluasan langit tiada tara
seperti padang-padang tengadah
Atau gunung-gunung menjulang
Tapi aku ingin menjadi sekedar bagian
dari kediaman

Aku sudah tak tahan lagi melihat burung-burung pindahan
Yang kau bunuh dengan keangkuhanmu —yang mati terkapar
Di sangkar-sangkar putih waktu
O, aku ingin jadi batu di dasar kali

Thought via Path

I think i’ll just… Play dead for a while. – Read on Path.

Happy (?) New Year

Happy New Year, happy new year.

time as we know it, is relative. and with relativity, there exist probability, and perception.

as a matter of fact, the world where we lived in was created by the summation of probability of ideas and general perception,

and by perception, there include subjective evaluation and personal justification. Which dare i say is as meaningless as guilty pleasure or white lie.

such a pity that the society as we know it is constructed by the very idea of perception. in which goodness or badness was determined by majority. and those who beg to differ are just a disturbance that shamefully coexist on every corner of majority itself.

at the end of the day the winners are those who are gifted to be able to please most. probably that’s why we love public figures.

but happy new year, for come tomorrow the rich will still be rich. and the poor will still be poor. but things might change, sadly enough you probably don’t make it to bear witness. are you thinking now what the word ‘happy’ in the phrase ‘happy new year’ stands for? are you going to be happy this whole year? or only when it’s new? what’s the point of celebrating the countdown towards the end? is there happiness to obtain? what kind of happiness? like receiving a present? or like when you kissed by someone? or like a good day to die? is it a gift? is it a curse?

but a new year it is

and such happy, happy thought

so happy, happy new year.

for tomorrow might be good for something.

and be happy for you are free

or for the food on the table

or for the air you breath

or for the knife inside your lung

or for the blood that runs black

or for the vomit on your armani

for us, proud, empty, hollow things, gasping for breath, begging for life while you never admit how lucky you are while you’ve spared one.

am i talking nonsense here?

it’s actually rather subjective.

“On Olympus, we measure Wisdom against Athena, Speed against Hermes, Power against Zeus. But we measure Courage… against Captain America.”
~ hercules

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”
― Hamilton Wright Mabie


Iron mask

– Deadpool –

What I think about conspiracy theorist these days

The art of conspiracy theory is all about discretion. That’s all there is to it. That’s why it is called conspiracy. It is unlike the publishing about the huge scam of the last presidential election. It is not supposed to be all that predictable, easy to understand, or common. It is NOT a sudden clarity. It is a slow-paced clarification, derived through small yet repetitive collections of recognition about the existence of measurable oddity of a few or more worldwide scale events of history.

The call of clarity will eventually obtained through a series of accidental or non-accidental encounter of similar minds of a few likely theorems.

The discretion, once again, is the key of the maximum psychological impact. Because knowing a lot of things from a few books and boasting about it to everyone only make you an impossible piece of puzzle; no matter how attractive, you are not useful. While a simple hint in a conversation between a cabdriver and his passenger could have a lot more significant impact.

It returns once again to the depth of the source. Without a discreet behavior, a conspiracy theory would simply echo like another jehovah witness’ blabbering, if not less, another whore writing complicated looking status to attract attention. Another teenage drama queen with a pair of thick glasses, with a huge thick “NERD” writing on the forehead.

Borrowed knowledge and overrated wisdom. Add a little attention-deficit disorder to it and BAM! Another whore with obvious begging of attention. As we all know that the emptiest bottle make the highest pitch. It just won’t work that way.

Victim number…

“I really hate to wake up. For I hate what I have become. ”

Things you own will eventually owning you, and you will eventually become that person you hate the most. What have I become? Less than a man.


story: Me

illustration: Cepe

Contemplation Compilation #1

In my short-term exile I learned some things

One, never hope for anyone to care for you, no matter how you care about them.

two, we thought all we want is to ‘disappear’, but what we actually want is to be ‘found’.

three, pain is most painful when you pretend to smile and to look happy.

four, When you do something right, no one remembers. when you screw up, nobody forgets.

five, never make a permanent decision under temporary emotion.

six, too many people buy things they don’t need to impress people who don’t give a shit.

seven, we can’t read one’s mind like a book. and that goes vice versa. don’t expect anyone to understand the way you feel right now.

eight. we can’t please everyone. we can’t expect someone to understand a level eight conversation while he/she only capable to think on level five.

nine, every promise with “forever” or “never” is a lie. because in this universe, nothing lasts forever.

ten, alcohol (as so as milk and cheese) never solve your problem. get yourself together and work it out.

eleven, when you tell your problem to others, some are happy you had it, some are confuse, the rest are just don’t care.

twelve, the best thing of being alone is to be able to perceive more than give. thus, you gain much more.

My Playlist for the Month

i’ve been looking all over the internet for these songs. very few of them can still be found as records. i remember the first days after i declared myself the straight edge oath, these songs were the first to grasp my ear. well, not all is actually that old, some are new references or new songs from old bands. i’d really love to put this as .zip and upload it, but i know some really cruel people over the internet who will do whatever it takes to make me regret that. so i guess i’ll just put it here and hope it has good use for those who seek.

High Hopes – Gorilla Biscuits

Escape And Run – 7 Seconds

Break Down The Walls – Youth Of Today

Civilized Man – Shelter

Million Days – Dag Nasty

True Till Death – Chain Of Strenght

Straight On View – Unity

No Rules – Insted

Demand Independence – Better Than A Thousand

Straight Edge In Your Face – Ten Yard Fight

Shopping For A Crew – Good Clean Fun

Bust A Move – Diehard Youth

Promises Kept – Champion

Crooked Floors – Comeback Kid

You Wrote This Song For Me – Bane

Like Trumpets – With Honor

Guilty – Side By Side

Straight Edge Revenge – ProjectX

Big Mouth Strikes Again – Slapshot

Glue – SSD

New York Crew – Judge

Last Straw – Wide Awake

Open Up – D.Y.S

Force Of Change – Strife

Screamo Gotta Go – International Superheroes Of Hardcore

No Donnie, These Men Are Straight Edge – Casey Jones

What I’d Give – Battery

Take The Risk – In My Eyes

Save It For The Birds – Down To Nothing

All Aces – xLooking Forwardx

El Tiempo Es Ahora – Nueva Etica

Reflections – Trial

Straight Edge – Minor Threat

Not the religious kind of guy, but..,

My real brothers fear none of such despicable deeds. A mere taunting would not wet our hands with blood or tears.

My real brothers would rise, not in anger but infaithfulness. For our way is not violence.

Posers could dress alike and shout blasphemy whenever they like.

Posers could shout their throat dry, but real brothers understand that the Lord’s name is not a war cry.

Real brothers does not give in to wrath and offense. For our way is goodness and patience.

Posers would justify violence for defense against blasphemy. Real brothers could be hurt a lot deeper, they would whisper istigfar and sallu alan-nabi.

Alex (Taken with Instagram at Palace Athene)

Ex-S Sentinel (Taken with Instagram at Palace Athene)

Batman. Pen on misprinted inkjet paper. (Taken with Instagram)

Taken with Instagram at Drife

Simple things

The bus was conducted by a child. He was counting the money in his hand when i climbed in. The bus driver called him “son”. I guess he’s his child. They were conversing. And laughing, a little.

The conductor asked for the fare and i gave him. He then said to his father “we’ve got a hundred now.”

His father laughed. I didn’t understand why, but i smiled.

Simple conversation. Simple laugh. Simply enjoying the life they were forced to live. Simple things. Simply thinking whether i live a better life. So i laughed at the moment. To find laughter in impossible places. To realize that such happiness exist only for those who know where to look. While I’ve been busy, pointing fingers on every direction.

And all of a sudden the stranger i always see in the mirror wept as he realized that his memory almost no longer capable of recalling the sound of his father’s laughter.

Oh i missed that too.

Another decoration. Papercraft of Guy Fawkes’ mask. (Taken with Instagram at Drife)

New office decoration. Supported by imaginary friends and marvel (Taken with Instagram at Drife)

Captain America (Taken with Instagram)

Captain America (Taken with Instagram)

Taken with Instagram

been like this for almost 2 weeks now. doubt it will ever reach finalization. seems like it end here, incomplete and in failure.

here’s to live:

life is a journey, not a destination.

we’ll never had the chance to prepare ourself, for the journey, nor the arrival.

What you know now is that we already leaving, and the trip is not always pleasant.

It’s like we’re waking up in a car that travels to destination unknown and there is no gas station at all.

In a wide, wide road, with so many slopes and obstacles and sharp or smooth turns and crossroads.

No one actually knows where we come from. No one actually knows where we’re going.

There’re only those who pretend to know, just because they read the brochure that was given by agents in traffic areas.

So many crossroads, so many turns, most of us took the smoothest, some try the shortest, some like challenges.

But for sooner or later, one way or another, we all randomly learn some similar points;

that there is no such thing as certainty

there’s only probability

there’s no can or cannot

there’s only will or will not

or else that has yet to happen

there is no darkness

there’s only the absence of light

and those who are afraid of the dark

there’s no value, only judgement

there’s no real equations,  only overused metaphors

or abstract algebra, built by humans as a cheat sheet to simplify life.

there’s no truth, only justification

there is no condition, only emotion

there is no win or lose, there’s only comparison.

there is no secondary nor tertiary needs. only justified greed.

there is no stupidity, only ignorance

there’s no ending. only new beginning.

there is no random encounter. only greater goods and predetermined champion.

there’s no reason. only perspective.

there is no absolution. only denials

but what if i told you

that there is no destination?

that every step we take in our journey leads to another, and another, and another.

or what if i told you

that there is no trip.

that the highway itself is the destination we’re looking for

what if we have been wrong all of our life, but we are blinded?

what if in the perspective of others any of us are just another mindless animal, doing what we do everyday?

is it air that we breathe? Or just a socially approved concept?

is death is the end or just a step to another phase of existence?

here’s to live

live is a journey, not a destination

we are not prepared

we are might as well enjoy it.

Love Interruption

By Jack White

I want love
To roll me over slowly 
stick a knife inside me, 
and twist it all around. 

I want love to 
grab my fingers gently 
slam them in a doorway 
put my face into the ground. 

I want love to 
murder my own mother 
and take her off to somewhere 
like hell or up above. 

I want love to 
change my friends to enemies, 
change my friends to enemies 
and show me how it’s all my fault. 

I wont let love disrupt, corrupt or interrupt me x 2
Yeah I wont let love disrupt, corrupt, or interrupt me anymore. 

I want love to 
walk right up and bite me 
grab a hold of me and fight me 
leave me dying on the ground. 

And I want love to 
split my mouth wide open and 
cover up my ears, 
and never let me hear a sound. 

I want love to, 
forget that you offended me 
or how you have defended me, 
when everybody tore me down. 

Yeah I want love to 
change my friends to enemies, 
change my friends to enemies 
and show me how it’s all my fault. 

Yeah I wont let love disrupt, corrupt or interrupt me 
I wont let love disrupt, corrupt or interrupt me 
I wont let love disrupt, corrupt, or interrupt me anymore. 

the question of my life


the pale horse

in my mind. a drop of water falls. 

as it touches the pool of thought beneath, a distortion.

my ear hears what is unheard.

and the distortion carried upon my mouth.

foul language and tilted vision

blurry sight with colorful spectacles

scream, scars, scavenger

crypt, curate, curses, crucio!

the heart set afire and flame burns lifelike

scratching the sky for more, for more

noises, riffs, distortion

phone rings, vibrates, engines roar, horns horny

mental went ablaze

could there be more?

an abomination, a monster, a beast

corpse balm, bleach, dye, daily feast

no more honor, only hunger, only anger

justification fails you now, fear increase

logic bursting in blood red rainbow

the wailing trembles and reaches its highest pitch

seductive, proud, envious, yet avaricious, the filthiest bitch

the immortals remain deadly silent, the sloths

spleen berserks abrupt and all hades break loose

the noise strikes aloud, the loudest men can bear

let the bodies fall as them beheaded

blood stops flowing and the death is near

it follows very close behind the last rider

no more justice, no more fairness, men eat men

the sword be drawn it’s wielder’s blind

close your eyes you can see the foul visions of hell

close your ears the death screams inside

wear your mask the vulture will rip your face

and take them punches on your chest

run away, run like nothing else matters

your soul has been kept, death is the only way

you could not escape.

you could not be safe.

trees be burn and rivers run dry

grasses are now ashes and flowers bring achy

all hopes has been abandoned

humanity fails

the demons show themselves, they dwell on every crossroads

they ask for your soul, they’re bargaining for it

haven, they say, from all the beasts and filths and bitches

but you can’t sell what’s not yours

laughter falls and cry sets aloud

the eyes see what mind fails to believe

ears hear everything but tell nothing

be afraid, thy sinner, for none will be forgiven

the doom is upon us all

Mikey Welsh 1971 – 2011

“I KNOW, I KNOW FOR SURE…. THAT LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL AROUND THE WO-HURLD”… that was me, standing on top of the special goodness tour van, singing a rhcp song at the top of my lungs to a homeless man who was sprawled out on the sidewalk below.. we were on the second date of the first u.s. special goodness tour. The s.g. tour van was a 1978 chevrolet shortie conversion 350/350 w/ 3;42 gears [ I know this because pat just texted me this info about an hour ago] our van had also been painted a metallic turquoise-blue, the same color as all of pat’s other muscle cars…so here we were, in nyc.. on the lower east side.. it was me, pat, karl, and pat’s old friend lee, who we had brought in to play drums for us.. the first date of our tour was the night before, at Rutgers university in new jersey.. we had been rehearsing for the tour in an old shut down bar up in buffalo, n.y., which is where pat grew up….the show at Rutgers was kind of a nightmare… plagued with sound problems.. but at least a few hundred fans had shown up to see us, so we were very excited.. we got through that one pretty much intact.. the second date was here in nyc at brownies.. a really cool little club that I’m pretty sure is still there.. before our set, pat, karl and myself hung out at one end of the bar, greeting fans that were coming in.. we were having a really good time… but especially pat… the special goodness was his baby,, a musical project he had been working on for years.. and I think he was really stoked to have an actual band together, playing shows night after night, out on a u.s. tour that would take us from nyc all the way up to seattle.. and pretty much everywhere in between.. and I was happy to be able to be with him all of the time now… we hadn’t really seen each other that much since weezer rehearsals had dissolved and rivers had shut himself away in our old apartment… pat and I became very close rather quickly when I joined weezer…. And now we were together again.. I was especially happy that pat was singing and playing guitar… his preferred instrument.. so there we were inside brownies, just hanging out and laughing before the set.. I was drinking red wine [my usual] and pat was drinking beer.. I was also taking klonopin, which had been prescribed to me by my dr…. for a panic disorder.. my problem, however, was to take way too much of it and end up getting really looped-out… which I was now in the process of doing…. At some point a girl I met earlier in the evening had given me some speed.. I was back by the bathrooms with her, making out, when she slipped it to me.. thankfully, this happened not long before our set was to start, and the speed didn’t start hitting me until the end of our set.. all of the sound problems we had experienced the night before were now gone.. and we were really fucking good.. I think the song we usually opened with was “bullshit” we more or less charged through the set list.. pat and I would often walk up to each other during a song and stand just a few inches away from one another…we had a magical connection to each other in a musical sense.. it was always obvious to everyone that we were so connected as the rhythm section for weezer, but we had an even more intense bond when pat was playing guitar.. and we were on stage together. Anyways, we had a full room of fans there, and they were way into what we were doing.. but not all of the shows on this tour would turn out so happy-happy. We would be running into all kinds of weird and wrong situations… crazy [really crazy] women, bad drug experiences, too much taco bell, and I would eventually almost keel over and die from a mysterious illness in minnesotta…. The best was yet to come….

Kemendiknas yang saya hormati, semakin kemari saya semakin bertanya-tanya mengapa saya diajarkan rumus aljabar dan bukannya cara memberi kartu nama yang benar, atau cara bersalaman yang baik.