fucking high quality inspiration

An online design magazine founded by @Jonaskamber, an Art Director and Blogger from Switzerland. Includes the works of artists with amazing works from all over the world. The web can simply be described as “dark, extraordinary, and clever”. Bringing the dark side of creativity with a very “harsh” approach in visual and exceptionally explicit verbal communication. It is brave, angry, and powerful, as if serving you a French quisine in a crate with the “T.N.T” stencil written on it. Click here to visit the site.

fucking high quality inspiration

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivQwTI4UC28?feature=oembed&enablejsapi=1&origin=http://safe.txmblr.com&wmode=opaque&w=500&h=281]

On last February 9, Volvo gave a brand new white S60 to 10 artists. 5 Days to work on it, a half day each artist. The art project took place in Zurich station main hall and the featured artists were: C-Line, Blackyard, DAIM, Nevercrew, Pius Portmann, Suki Bamboo, Yummy Industries, Lowrider, Donovan & Onur, Wes21. (koikoikoi.com)

Barefood – Demo

Barefood, local alternative/indie-rock band based in Jakarta. Purely epic. Click on the title to download demo album (free). 

Barefood – Demo

I have a beautiful mind. It’s just too bad my head isn’t transparent"

Pejabat memang anjing

Captain Vino of Lion Air


oleh Sutardji Calzoem Bachri, teruntuk Najwa Shihab

Aku bawakan bunga padamu

tapi kau bilang masih

Aku bawakan resahku padamu

tapi kau bilang hanya

Aku bawakan darahku padamu

tapi kau bilang cuma

Aku bawakan mimpiku padamu

tapi kau bilang meski

Aku bawakan dukaku padamu

tapi kau bilang tapi

Aku bawakan mayatku padamu

tapi kau bilang hampir

Aku bawakan arwahku padamu

tapi kau bilang kalau

Tanpa apa aku datang padamu

Wah !

Arkham’s Asylum, Gotham City

Harvey Dent a.k.a Two Face is now getting his therapy. Doctors said that his biggest problem is his dual personality. Affecting his decisions of making actions. His decisions always refer to his coin, which used to have same picture on both sides. His decisions are usually parted as “bad” and “worse”. So the doctors took away his coin, and give him dice. Now Dent has 6 options instead of two. And the range of the decision now divided by three. As the therapy went for several weeks and Dent started to get comfortable with the six options, the too away the dice and give him a set of cards. Now Dent has 52 options. Right now, Dent needs to deal a card only to decide if he wants to go to the bathroom or not.


it’s not the horrification that is wrong. it’s the ignorance.


About The Drunker – You. (mini EP)

Two Tracks

1. You.

2. 70% Diantaranya (70% of them)

Download album by click pic


Here we are again. After some fights and some series of unpleasant events, I found myself now in a pretty bad shape. The thoughts of past happy memories keep haunting and leaving me alone in the morning.

It’s hard to wake up, yet it is harder to get back to sleep. Reality feels so unreal and my walls now closing in. I can’t even feel the rain now. The drips are wet and cold, but there’s no thirst-quenching sensation i used to feel. So I try to befriend the sunset. which is up until now, never fail to relieve me. But the work is getting harder. As so my time is getting less and less that sometimes I have to go home without watching it drown into the concrete jungle.

The moon is now a saddening view. The resemblance just won’t go away. So now i’m waiting for something to fall from the sky.

hate you for free

Piganta Lasyid

I left my blue-eyed lady and went with Tony Mercedes to the gambling room
I lost my diamond watch but in the parking lot I took back again

The Felice Brothers – Love Me Tenderly

There’s an Italian painter, named Carlotti, and he defined beauty. He said it was the summation of the parts working together in such a way that nothing needed to be added, taken away or altered

Cris Johnson (Nicolas Cage), NEXT (2007)

Cut Tary for CLARA Magazine cover, March 2011

Photography : Panji Indra
Stylist : Lilian Ng
Makeup and hairdo : Gusnaldi
Wardrobe by Arantxa Adi, Phillip Lim, Jade boutique
Hairpiece by Rinaldi A. Yunardi
Location : Plankton Labs Studio

they said:
“there’s too much caffeine in your blood stream and a lack of real spice in your life”
I said:
“leave me alone because I’m alright, dad. Surprised to still be on my own….”

The Smiths – A Rush and A Push and the Land is Ours

You shut your mouth, how can you say
I go about things the wrong way
I am human, and I need to be loved
Just like everybody else does

The Smiths – How Soon is Now


“… How many special people change? How many lives are living strange? …”

When I’m younger, everything was exactly what it looked like. There’s nothing behind a color that one’s wearing, the triangle and the one eye was simply a triangle and an eye. And a smile was only smile; no bitter smile, smug, sarcasm, or else. Even a peace symbol meant exactly what it sounds like.

As I grow up, I started to understand how red means bravery and white represents pureness. Perhaps that was the first nationalism extract that’s indoctrinated to my head. And things started to get more and more complicated. Then suddenly the world is a spinning multi-layered sphere, where the surface is as far as you can go as an ordinary fuck.

Our mind grows as our body does. And our surrounding plays such significant role. It implies on our sets of values, mindsets, goals, ideals, stereotypes, thoughts, social relations, etc. As a child, we know what we think we know. And we know so little. We played with anyone and the only difference between good or bad is simply hurting or not hurting. As we grow up, went to different school, play with different people, we no longer value things like we used to be. That boy who never hit you and always share anything he had with you suddenly changed to a poor, uneducated, old friend. And the boy who always borrowed your toys and never returned it suddenly a somebody that you need to get along with. And this changes of surrounding will continuously drag the way you think and the way you communicate.

Changes happen. And it simply undeniable. Being in a higher social class environment, those who are a few level below can suddenly turn from bricks to rubble. Your old friends will not as dun as they used to be, and suddenly your boy/girlfriend is not wealthy, handsome, famous enough for you. Having fun is highly addictive. Once you pop, you can’t stop. And it also implies for those who experiencing a degradation. Suddenly all that you’ve been wasted become treasure. Your friends’re leaving you because you’re now a no fun. You’re becoming delusional of your girlfriend cheating behind you with someone wealthier. They say you’ll never know what you’ve got until it’s gone. And guess what, they’re right.

What makes a man “the Man”? Is it where he came from? Is it his skin color? Is it the money? “The measure of a man is not in how he gets knocked down to the mat, it is in how he gets up.” ~ Battling Jack Murdock. It is not the way it starts. It is about how it ends. Friends coming and leaving. It is not their fault choosing to befriend only those who fits their measure. It’s the measure sometimes being wrong. “When you’re up, your friends know who you are. When you’re down, you know who your friends are.” ~Bett Williams

So enjoy what you have now, you’ll never know what tomorrow might bring. All that will be left of you after you die is a slow decay and some fading memories in the minds of your friends. So make sure it’s a good memory, although in time, we will fade away. Change.

Hope you’re enjoying your life at the moment. 🙂

I was an ordinary man with ordinary desires
I watched TV, as it formed me
I was an ordinary man with ordinary desires
There must be accountability
Disparate and misinformed
Fear will keep us all in place

Bloc Party – Hunting For Witches