here’s to live:

life is a journey, not a destination.

we’ll never had the chance to prepare ourself, for the journey, nor the arrival.

What you know now is that we already leaving, and the trip is not always pleasant.

It’s like we’re waking up in a car that travels to destination unknown and there is no gas station at all.

In a wide, wide road, with so many slopes and obstacles and sharp or smooth turns and crossroads.

No one actually knows where we come from. No one actually knows where we’re going.

There’re only those who pretend to know, just because they read the brochure that was given by agents in traffic areas.

So many crossroads, so many turns, most of us took the smoothest, some try the shortest, some like challenges.

But for sooner or later, one way or another, we all randomly learn some similar points;

that there is no such thing as certainty

there’s only probability

there’s no can or cannot

there’s only will or will not

or else that has yet to happen

there is no darkness

there’s only the absence of light

and those who are afraid of the dark

there’s no value, only judgement

there’s no real equations, ¬†only overused metaphors

or abstract algebra, built by humans as a cheat sheet to simplify life.

there’s no truth, only justification

there is no condition, only emotion

there is no win or lose, there’s only comparison.

there is no secondary nor tertiary needs. only justified greed.

there is no stupidity, only ignorance

there’s no ending. only new beginning.

there is no random encounter. only greater goods and predetermined champion.

there’s no reason. only perspective.

there is no absolution. only denials

but what if i told you

that there is no destination?

that every step we take in our journey leads to another, and another, and another.

or what if i told you

that there is no trip.

that the highway itself is the destination we’re looking for

what if we have been wrong all of our life, but we are blinded?

what if in the perspective of others any of us are just another mindless animal, doing what we do everyday?

is it air that we breathe? Or just a socially approved concept?

is death is the end or just a step to another phase of existence?

here’s to live

live is a journey, not a destination

we are not prepared

we are might as well enjoy it.