What I think about conspiracy theorist these days

The art of conspiracy theory is all about discretion. That’s all there is to it. That’s why it is called conspiracy. It is unlike the publishing about the huge scam of the last presidential election. It is not supposed to be all that predictable, easy to understand, or common. It is NOT a sudden clarity. It is a slow-paced clarification, derived through small yet repetitive collections of recognition about the existence of measurable oddity of a few or more worldwide scale events of history.

The call of clarity will eventually obtained through a series of accidental or non-accidental encounter of similar minds of a few likely theorems.

The discretion, once again, is the key of the maximum psychological impact. Because knowing a lot of things from a few books and boasting about it to everyone only make you an impossible piece of puzzle; no matter how attractive, you are not useful. While a simple hint in a conversation between a cabdriver and his passenger could have a lot more significant impact.

It returns once again to the depth of the source. Without a discreet behavior, a conspiracy theory would simply echo like another jehovah witness’ blabbering, if not less, another whore writing complicated looking status to attract attention. Another teenage drama queen with a pair of thick glasses, with a huge thick “NERD” writing on the forehead.

Borrowed knowledge and overrated wisdom. Add a little attention-deficit disorder to it and BAM! Another whore with obvious begging of attention. As we all know that the emptiest bottle make the highest pitch. It just won’t work that way.

Victim number…

“I really hate to wake up. For I hate what I have become. ”

Things you own will eventually owning you, and you will eventually become that person you hate the most. What have I become? Less than a man.