Abattoir Agenda

I have to admit.

Some people are still alive simply because I allowed them to. Saved only by small voice inside my head that keeps telling me that 20 years in chains (or any pain in the effort) do not worth their worthless soul.

Nevertheless, I still consider that the world would be a better place if these pathetic excuse for people just cease to exist.

1. Money-sucking, respect-demanding pigs with made-up violation and justified bribery.

2. Drivers/riders whose life were saved just because I have enough pity (and a well-functioning brake-reflex-mechanism) on my disposal.

3. Violent, pretentious fanatics

4. Racist militants who don’t even belong to the race they so furiously corroborate.

5. Drug-dealers.

6. Machete-and-prescription-pills-nerve-amplified criminals.

7. Social media celebrities who never bother to think that “they could be wrong”, and spit whatever the fuck their miserable mind figure, regardless how hateful or damaging.

8. People who feed no. 7 with money and doctrine materials.

9. People who create the doctrine materials for no. 8

10. Teachers who don’t understand what they’re teaching.

11. Teachers who don’t understand what they’re teaching and say anything to avoid looking dumb in front of their pupils. Regardless said thing have any accuracy on being a fact or otherwise a made-up information.

12. Teachers who refuse to be corrected no matter what

13. Judges that derelict their duty.

14. People who had it arranged for no. 13.

15. People who knows about no. 13 and 14′s business and don’t do anything.

and the list goes on and on and on.

The world was made worse by some seriously fucked-up people.

I refuse to think that they deserve second chances.

I will forever resent them.

I will always be longing for the time they perish.

May they die a violent, shameful death with slow, painful process that last a lot longer than they can endure.