the pale horse

in my mind. a drop of water falls. 

as it touches the pool of thought beneath, a distortion.

my ear hears what is unheard.

and the distortion carried upon my mouth.

foul language and tilted vision

blurry sight with colorful spectacles

scream, scars, scavenger

crypt, curate, curses, crucio!

the heart set afire and flame burns lifelike

scratching the sky for more, for more

noises, riffs, distortion

phone rings, vibrates, engines roar, horns horny

mental went ablaze

could there be more?

an abomination, a monster, a beast

corpse balm, bleach, dye, daily feast

no more honor, only hunger, only anger

justification fails you now, fear increase

logic bursting in blood red rainbow

the wailing trembles and reaches its highest pitch

seductive, proud, envious, yet avaricious, the filthiest bitch

the immortals remain deadly silent, the sloths

spleen berserks abrupt and all hades break loose

the noise strikes aloud, the loudest men can bear

let the bodies fall as them beheaded

blood stops flowing and the death is near

it follows very close behind the last rider

no more justice, no more fairness, men eat men

the sword be drawn it’s wielder’s blind

close your eyes you can see the foul visions of hell

close your ears the death screams inside

wear your mask the vulture will rip your face

and take them punches on your chest

run away, run like nothing else matters

your soul has been kept, death is the only way

you could not escape.

you could not be safe.

trees be burn and rivers run dry

grasses are now ashes and flowers bring achy

all hopes has been abandoned

humanity fails

the demons show themselves, they dwell on every crossroads

they ask for your soul, they’re bargaining for it

haven, they say, from all the beasts and filths and bitches

but you can’t sell what’s not yours

laughter falls and cry sets aloud

the eyes see what mind fails to believe

ears hear everything but tell nothing

be afraid, thy sinner, for none will be forgiven

the doom is upon us all

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