Contemplation Compilation #1

In my short-term exile I learned some things

One, never hope for anyone to care for you, no matter how you care about them.

two, we thought all we want is to ‘disappear’, but what we actually want is to be ‘found’.

three, pain is most painful when you pretend to smile and to look happy.

four, When you do something right, no one remembers. when you screw up, nobody forgets.

five, never make a permanent decision under temporary emotion.

six, too many people buy things they don’t need to impress people who don’t give a shit.

seven, we can’t read one’s mind like a book. and that goes vice versa. don’t expect anyone to understand the way you feel right now.

eight. we can’t please everyone. we can’t expect someone to understand a level eight conversation while he/she only capable to think on level five.

nine, every promise with “forever” or “never” is a lie. because in this universe, nothing lasts forever.

ten, alcohol (as so as milk and cheese) never solve your problem. get yourself together and work it out.

eleven, when you tell your problem to others, some are happy you had it, some are confuse, the rest are just don’t care.

twelve, the best thing of being alone is to be able to perceive more than give. thus, you gain much more.

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