Simple things

The bus was conducted by a child. He was counting the money in his hand when i climbed in. The bus driver called him “son”. I guess he’s his child. They were conversing. And laughing, a little.

The conductor asked for the fare and i gave him. He then said to his father “we’ve got a hundred now.”

His father laughed. I didn’t understand why, but i smiled.

Simple conversation. Simple laugh. Simply enjoying the life they were forced to live. Simple things. Simply thinking whether i live a better life. So i laughed at the moment. To find laughter in impossible places. To realize that such happiness exist only for those who know where to look. While I’ve been busy, pointing fingers on every direction.

And all of a sudden the stranger i always see in the mirror wept as he realized that his memory almost no longer capable of recalling the sound of his father’s laughter.

Oh i missed that too.

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