Past Smiles

Time and time i caught a glimpse of my past

I can’t remember if it was a dream

or a childhood

previous live, who knows? 

what i remember though,
Is the scent of old dust on that whitewashed wall

and the sound of a hundred flapping birds
reaching in for a prospect of breadcrumbs 

I remember the wind
and the chatter of people now gone

and the smiles of friends that were

I remember waiting for someone to come 

it left me with a smile, every time

but the image wont stay long

and when i came back to where I was


i guess life is dark and dull

you realize that dreams and hopes are false advertising

while fears are real

and that bright-shining-future of your ten-year-old-self has flown away 

if you could, would you return?

walk back to 20 years past

find your childhood

and tell him not to grow up? 

oh, father time

all matters

are a mere sound of the wind

that blow as he pass by

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