Happy (?) New Year

Happy New Year, happy new year.

time as we know it, is relative. and with relativity, there exist probability, and perception.

as a matter of fact, the world where we lived in was created by the summation of probability of ideas and general perception,

and by perception, there include subjective evaluation and personal justification. Which dare i say is as meaningless as guilty pleasure or white lie.

such a pity that the society as we know it is constructed by the very idea of perception. in which goodness or badness was determined by majority. and those who beg to differ are just a disturbance that shamefully coexist on every corner of majority itself.

at the end of the day the winners are those who are gifted to be able to please most. probably that’s why we love public figures.

but happy new year, for come tomorrow the rich will still be rich. and the poor will still be poor. but things might change, sadly enough you probably don’t make it to bear witness. are you thinking now what the word ‘happy’ in the phrase ‘happy new year’ stands for? are you going to be happy this whole year? or only when it’s new? what’s the point of celebrating the countdown towards the end? is there happiness to obtain? what kind of happiness? like receiving a present? or like when you kissed by someone? or like a good day to die? is it a gift? is it a curse?

but a new year it is

and such happy, happy thought

so happy, happy new year.

for tomorrow might be good for something.

and be happy for you are free

or for the food on the table

or for the air you breath

or for the knife inside your lung

or for the blood that runs black

or for the vomit on your armani

for us, proud, empty, hollow things, gasping for breath, begging for life while you never admit how lucky you are while you’ve spared one.

am i talking nonsense here?

it’s actually rather subjective.

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