Auto2000 V2.0

Role on Project

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Project Timeline

March 2015 - September 2015


Head of Digital Marketing Consultant

Project Owner

PT Astra International Tbk


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About The Project

The Story

Auto2000 is more than happy the first time we redesigned their website. We came up with a website that was heavy with high quality photos that depicts their standards of facilities. The website was so rich of fun features that separates them from their competitors. But that’s it. Other than an eye-candy visual, there’s really not much to tell about the website when it comes to usability. It had everything it needed, it’s just not exceptionally useful, or easily accessible.


So the next year, they came back to us. As you might’ve been guessed, they demand a website with stronger usability as well as better accessibility.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge of doing Auto2000 projects is always the target audience–a massive array of demographic. To be able to provide them with the correctly placed information while maintaining to display the set of service that the company offers beautifully is a crucial part of the project. But the most important part is being able to convert visitors to leads. Toyota brand stood out for itself, but without correct understanding of where and how a question should be asked can topple a conversion result for a massive decline.

How would you top a website with time-adapting HDR photo welcome screen? With one that loads faster, to mention one.

The first website was full of panoramic pictures sprinkled with nodes that functioned as navigation. Most agree that it was such a beauty to behold, such a sorrow to navigate.


The Homepage–such a beauty to behold, such a sorrow to navigate

Then newly appointed Communication & Digital Marketing Department Head, Mr Kemas Henry Kurniawan insisted to break down the whole structure of the site and rebuild its customer experience from scratch. We agreed unconditionally. And so came the second biggest challenge.

The complexity of an automotive business lies on their differentiation of car types, with their different specifications and price range and list of colors and so on. To correctly list these specifications and features is a challenge by itself, but now we have to rebuild that without altering the data structure.

and multiple and The solution consist of several surveys and analysis. A few rounds of testing that involves some complex stress test. As a result, at the end of the first trimester, the company managed to haul 50% conversion from a (still) rocketing number of coming leads.