I see a …who wasn’t there

I was getting through the ticket barrier to join the queue in a busway shelter. I pull my phone off my pocket and plug the headset. I was starting to play some music when something caught my attention. She was a little bit too tall for a lady. Her hair was long, and from where I was standing, it was impossible to see her face. She passed the ticket barrier and joined the queue. Her posture was a little bit crooked. She wore a very long dress that swapped the floor, which I think was weird for someone as tall (I guess she’s about 190 cms or so). She joined the queue and passed through the gaps between queuing people that were not too tight (this, even though very annoying, is considered normal in where I come from). And what’s weirder was that I seemed to be the only person that got stunned by her. Then as she turned to her right side to where I finally able to see her face, I shivered. Her face was like a statue. A very old statue. It really seemed as it was carved out of a very hard rock, and oiled. Her skin was red as burnt flesh. Then all of a sudden, she looks back at me. As I was seeing her eyes, cold wind stroke the back of my neck. I looked behind her and acted as if I was staring that thing behind her (my standard protocol when get caught staring). And suddenly someone bumped me from behind. I almost jumped of shock, but somehow managed to overcome (even though I’m pretty sure that anyone can see it clearly from my face) when I realized that it was just another passenger. So I looked back to where I was looking just a moment ago. No bus had stopped yet, and she was too tall to be hidden among other passengers, but she was nowhere to be found. Apparently I wasn’t looking at a human at all.