Cut Tary for CLARA Magazine cover, March 2011

Photography : Panji Indra
Stylist : Lilian Ng
Makeup and hairdo : Gusnaldi
Wardrobe by Arantxa Adi, Phillip Lim, Jade boutique
Hairpiece by Rinaldi A. Yunardi
Location : Plankton Labs Studio

You’re Moving too Fast. Slow Down.

Today’s work is over. So the room and the computer solely belong to me now, until i have to come home and start over tomorrow. It’s ten to five, the dark side is approaching.

Night after night i spent stargazing, left me away with thought i have to bear in the morning. Perhaps, that reminds me why we once fear the dark. 

See, this calmness that hugged me along as everyone’s leaving. it used to be always there. I don’t know when it went away, now I got this back, I’mma enjoy it for some time. So I plan to go home a little late. I want to see the streets at night. a world I once knew and left behind.I can hear the hustle and bustle from my office, I guess the traffic is fine. 

By this age, I think I know that the world isn’t as simple as it used to be. Although It’s kinda hard to measure since you don’t have the same mind back then when you’re younger. Some friends are now foes. Some are traitors. And the rest are backstabber. The world ain’t fair. We all now it. Even for a brainless punk like me (even if I’m into U2). 

They say boys are from Mars. So we were born to fight. Some fight to propose, some fight to oppose, some just follow, some lose, some get killed. some got lost, and none ever win.

Friendly faces had turned against me. By time, I will have to turn against them either. It’s sad. But the road has been built. And the engine started as our life begin. And it’s only the matter of choice on the crossroads.

Have you ever wonder why some questions have no answer? I think I have. There’s no book thick enough to answer all. Even the bible. “Does anybody really know the secret? What the combination for this life, and why they keep it? It’s kinda sad when you don’t know the meaning, but everything’s happen for a reason” ~Limp Bizkit.

What do we actually want to know? Why? What if you’re actually know the answer, you just don’t realize? What if there actually no answer? Should we be dead to know the answer? But will you die to find the answer?

Joshua Bell, one of the best musician in the world plays one of the most beautiful composition with one of the best violin ever crafted down the subway, and no one realize. over two thousand pedestrian walk in and out the station and only less than one percent give a shit about him or the music he played. But will you?

We’ve been walking too fast. We need to slow down. Life can’t wait, but it’s over when it’s over. If we can’t perceive such beauty, imagine how many other thing that we missed? 

The answer lies on the whispering wind. that’s why all we gotta do is stop, and listen. I’ll try. Will you?

Derai Derai Cemara

oleh: Chairil Anwar

Cemara menderai sampai jauh
terasa hari akan jadi malam
ada beberapa dahan di tingkap merapuh
dipukul angin yang terpendam

Aku sekarang orangnya bisa tahan
sudah berapa waktu bukan kanak lagi
tapi dulu memang ada suatu bahan
yang bukan dasar perhitungan kini

Hidup hanya menunda kekalahan
tambah terasing dari cinta sekolah rendah
dan tahu, ada yang tetap tidak terucapkan
sebelum pada akhirnya kita menyerah

you hate me simply because I’m everything you ever wanted to be, but you can never be